We were established in 2000 originally as a production house for advertising agencies, creating websites, AVPs, brochures, and other marketing collaterals. In 2003, we realized that we had a unique talent in producing fun, engaging, and effective educational content…and so began our exciting and challenging journey in e-learning and e-publishing. A decade later, we have evolved not just into an award-winning provider of e-learning and e-publishing solutions but also a producer of our own titles and brands of interactive educational games and mobile applications.

When people ask us what kind of company we are, we reply: We’re a hybrid organization playing across three innovation-driven industries.

First, we’re an animation and game
development company…
that’s how we
know fun and entertainment.

Second, we’re a mobile applications and
software development company…
how we know IT and geek-speak.

But more important than the first two—and this is what makes us proudly
different from other animation/game development studios, multimedia
agencies, or IT companies—we’re an educational services company….that’s
how we’re able to help people learn genuinely and, in our own little way,
make the world a better place.